• Purpose Statement: 6 GHz Microwave Sharing Working Group

    Purpose Statement
    The purpose of the WG is to provide a resource for UTC members potentially impacted by the FCC Rule Making. The focus of the group is around specific industry-related issues, which include issues related to operational aspects (interference) and regulatory aspects of this action.
    The Report and Order encourages industry to convene a group of stakeholders to collectively and regularly address issues related to 6 GHz operations and new deployment, such as
    • Interference detection and mitigation,
    • Best practices for members impacted
    • AFC system and standard power access point security measures,
    • AFC system testing and certification procedures and ensuring that AFC systems contain complete and up-to-date incumbent data.
    The WG would support UTC’s participation in any multi-user stakeholder meetings with the FCC. Activities will also be coordinated with the Spectrum Committee as